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Pension Analysis Service

We provide a pension analysis service which will review your existing pension plans to make sure:

The charges applied to your pension are not excessive

The funds that you are invested in are suitable for you after assessing your attitude to investment risk

With this information we will compare your pension plan against every other available pension plan provided by UK pension providers, a full documented report will be provided and a recommendation as to whether you should leave your plan where it is or transfer it to a more competitive plan.

Have a look at these detailed example reports that compare charges in the Results Comparison Table against your existing plan, and the Full Pension Switch Report that compares the recommended plan against your plan as well as fund breakdown and performance comparisons..

Results Comparison Table - Full Pension Switch Report

To be able to carry out this analysis we will need a letter of authority from you to your pension provider so we can obtain the relevant information, use the Contact Us Form start this process (Initial Consultations are free without obligation)