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Retirement Planning & Retirement Options

Sooner or later we’ll have to think about how we’ll manage when we retire. The State Pension probably won’t be enough to see us through retirement, but do you know what else there is to give you extra?

Pensions are designed to provide income in retirement, funds are built up by both regular and single contributions. The investment funds can be tailored to your attitude to risk, currently certain types of pensions such as SIPP's & SSAS's can own commercial property such as business premises.

The good news is, the earlier you start saving, the longer your money will have the potential to grow and in turn your retirement income will be what you hoped for. The key to pension planning is contributing the correct amount, reviewing your plans regularly and obtaining expert advice as to where to invest to maximise your returns.

We offer you a Pension Planning Service and a Pension Analysis Service.

If you have a personal pension or a previous employer's pension we provide a comprehensive analysis service to consider whether you should stay with the existing plan or move to a new plan. Contact Us for the relevant forms.

After analysing your own personal circumstances and requirements, we will be able to advise you which product or solution is most suitable for your needs.