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Equity Release

If you receive means-tested state benefits, these could be reduced or lost altogether – which in turn could mean having to pay more for things like dental treatment and glasses. Check the rules before you take out an equity release plan.


The equity release market is becoming more competitive. But interest rates on mortgage-based schemes, for example, are still noticeably higher than those on ordinary mortgages. Most equity release plans also involve paying valuation and legal fees, although these may be refunded assuming you go ahead. You remain responsible for repairing and insuring your home, and will still have to pay the Council Tax. Reversion companies in particular will expect you to maintain your home to a reasonable standard to protect their investment.


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Equity Release refers to home reversion plans and lifetime mortgages. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.


For Equity Release advice you can choose how we are paid, pay a fee of usually 0.5% of the loan amount or we can accept commission from the lender.