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What Qualifications should your Adviser have?

All our advisers have attained the Financial Planning Certificate and specialist advisers hold additional advanced qualifications including the prestigious Chartered Financial Planner Qualification (the highest qualification in financial planning set at degree level held by less than 10% (approx) of financial advisers nationally) with the Chartered Insurance Institute in the following areas:


Taxation & Trusts (G10) * Pensions (G60) * Personal Investment Planning (G20) * Retirement Options (K10) *

Pension Investment Options (K20) * Mortgage Advanced Qualification (MAQ) * Long Term Care (CF8) * Investment & Risk (CF2) *Equity Release (CF7) * Pensions Simplification (CF9) New Legislation


A vast majority of Financial advisers in the UK have only attained the basic qualifications (Cert PFS), our advisers have the above qualifications you as a consumer should be looking for in your financial adviser, visit the Personal Finance Society website at to check out your advisers qualifications.

Lifestyle Financial Consultancy Ltd was set up in 2001, the team has over 30 years experience and undergo continuous professional development to keep fully abreast of new products and legislation.


Because of this , we can ensure our clients are constantly receiving up to date advice not just for today,
but also for the future.


Chris O'Meara  APFS Dip PFS

Chartered Financial Planner